Areas Covered

I have existing clients and am able to take on New clients in these Areas

There are currently (inc myself) only TWO qualified,approved and Registered Equine Dental Technicians who are BASED in Cumbria.

There are (inc myself) only SIX such Qualified, approved and Registered practitioners providing this service in The county of Lancashire.

There are no Veterinary Surgeons BASED in the counties of CUMBRIA, LANCASHIRE and YORKSHIRE (apart from Sally Kingsley, MRCVS...who soley provides equine dental services and is based in north yorkshire) who have passed the joint B.E.V.A / B.V.D.A Equine Dentistry Examination. (click on this link  to see a list of practitioners Vets...... who have  had their knowledge and skill examined)

Therefore, I am able to provide one of most thorough, modern, professinal and "best value for money" Equine Dental Services in these Counties. The standard of service and the charges for that standard are extreemely competitive and hard to beat.


I was previously based in Keswick,  in the Lake District and during my time there, I have established an excellent reputation all across Cumbria. I am known to most of the Specialist Equine Veterinary practices in the County. I will schedule visit to clients with just one animal, or to owners or yards with several animals. However, I am able to give priority appointments to clients who arrange for multiple animals to be examined and treated. Single animal owners are considered equally as important and I can visit you, its just a matter of economics and logistics. I often group several owners who have just one or two horses together in one area for a day''s travelling.


This is an area in which, as yet, I have relatively few regular clients and as such am looking to increase my client base. The number of horses I am able to treat in day is dependant on their vicinity to each other, the extent of treatment required, the standard of and regularity of previous dental care and, due to the nature of the way I work (no time limit allocated to each "patient"...e.g. it takes as long as it takes) the way in which each animal responds to treatment is a contributing factor. The workload is seasonally affected also, as, during the months when conditions are more favourable, e.g. more daylight available etc, I am able to stay longer.


I have now recently relocated to North Yorkshire (Based in Bedale) having been originallybased in the Yorkshire area. Although I have retained many loyal clients in  and around the Yorkshire area, client numbers fluctuate and I am seeking to take on new clients in this area, with the same limitations as above.

Scottish Borders

If you are based in the Scottish borders area and require me to visit, please contact me and I may be able to visit you if there are enough horses in a particular location. Or if you have only one or two horses and are prepared to travel, I may be able to arrange for you to bring your horse to another venue to be examined and treated.

Other Areas

If you are based in other areas to those above, please contact me to discuss your requirements. If I am unable to visit you personally, I will be able to advise you on other practitioners (many of whom I may have worked with, assisted in their training, or am prepared to offer personal recommendations for) who may cover your area.

See the following websites for lists of approved practitioners:

If you are a yard owner, or an individual trying to organise a visit to a yard at which multiple animals will require exam and treatment, please contact me to discuss any discounted rates which I may be able to offer.

You may contact me via e-mail (use the form on the contact page) or by telephone 07720 416217 (full answer machine facilities, please leave a message with details of your name, location and number of horses. Alternatively you can send the same details via a text message anytime. I will endeavour to reply to all enquiries as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you have used the services of a Vet who has not passed the BEVA equine dental exam or an Unqualified non-vet Equine Dental practitioner in ANY of the above Areas, I can gaurantee that your horse will not have recieved the same standard of treatment that I can provide. Your horse ....and you...may have been "short changed".

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