My Credentials


My training is amongst the most compehensive that can be obtained anywhere in the world and I have trained with some of the worlds most eminnent practitioners within this field. I continue to update my learning and am commited to a full continuing profesional development schedule attending several seminars, lectures and courses focusing on the subject of equine Dentistry and horse handling and training. I have trained several apprentices and started many other equine dental practitioners on their way to becoming excellent and skillfull providers of equine dental care in their own right.

  • 1999 - British Equine Veterinary Association Introduction to Equine Dentistry 2 day course.UK 
  • 2000 - 2010 attendance at the Worldwide Academy of Equine Dentistry,Glenns Ferry,Idaho,USA. Several visits,including in an instructor / lecturer capacity. Attendance of several advanced Dental courses, Full body Equine anatomy courses.
  • 2002- B.E.V.A advanced Equine Dental Technicians course,Birmingham UK. (pre requisite to sitting the BEVA /BVDA Advanced Equine Dental Technicians Exam).
  • 2002 sucessfull completion of BEVA / BVDA Advanced Equine Dental Technicians Exam, Rossdale & Partners Veterinary Centre, Newmarket, UK.
  • 2003 BEVA Conference, Glasgow,
  • 2005 International Association of Equine Dentistry Conference, Oxford UK
  • 2002 - 2004 Instructor /Lecturer on several courses run by "The Shires Equine Dental College" (one week introductory training courses in Equine Dentistry) Various Venues in England & Wales.
  • 1999 - Present: Attendance at Several Equine Dental Seminars, conventions and Lectures WORLDWIDE.

My training background is extensive. I am passionate about my work and am a firm believer in continual professional development training which I view as a way of testing oneself and allowing for improvement. So when you employ my services, you are not only investing in a practitioner with a very thorough, extensive knowledge of the subject and an exceedingly well developed and honed skill level, but also in someone with one of the most extensive training backgrounds within the Industry in the UK and one who is amongst the most qualified in the WORLD.

I am fully equiped and have the necessary skills, training, expertise and qualifications to use the most up to date instrumentation and techniques to undertake a full range of equine dental proceedures from routine floating (rasping) to advanced (catagory 2 proceedures) dentistry treatments. I have undertaken specific additional training in and have particular specialist interests in Equine Periodontal disease and minature horse dentistry.

My background as an instructor and lecturer Internationally, has brought me into contact with some of the most knowledgeable people within the Global Equine dental field including eminant Vets and dental practitioners (equine and human) and as such i can offer advice and refferals to the best practitioners available. I also have an indepth knowledge of many other practitioners training background and qualifications.  So I can tell you "who is who" in Equine Dentistry with a degree of sureity.


UK Industry Recognised Qualifications

British Equine Veterinary Association / British Veterinary Dental Association Equine Dental Technicians Exam. Passed 28th October 2002.

Please note: this above qualification is one of only TWO recognised qualifications fore equine dental practitioners available here in the UK. (the other is the Worldwide Association of Equine Dentistry exam....see here )

If a practitioner does not hold either of theses exam titles.....they are NOT qualified to undertake certain equine dental proceedures and treatments.

for more information on the stringent requirements of BEVA/BVDA exam go to   

For clarification on "who is qualified...and who is not" and the often misinterpreted difference between the terms "Trained " and "Qualified", go to the dilema page of this site. 

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Non (UK) Recognised

Certified Equine Dentist - Worldwide Academy of Equine Dentistry, Idaho USA. August 2001.

For more information on what is involved with  this comprehensive exam see the "the dilemma" page on this site.

In addition to the above comprehensive training and qualification credentials, I have assisted with the training, (both at various learning establishments and on a "one to one" basis out in the field) of many other Equine Dental Practitioners, many of whom have gone on to Qualify and establish themselves in high regard within this profession.

Membership of Approved professional Bodies

I am a registered member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians (B.A.E.D.T) and have been since the association was formed shortly after the first equine dental qualifications were established here in the UK. Whilst membership is open to both Veterinary and non-vet practitioners, ONLY those practitoners who have sucessfully completed the BEVA/BVDA examination in Equine Dentistry are ellegable for membership. Members are bound by a strict code of conduct and performance standard  and are subject to disciplinary action for breach of either. (click here for further info )

I am also a member of the Worldwide Association for Equine Dental equilibration. This is an association dedicated to the promotion of thorough and proper equine dental treatment and practice. Members are distributed internationally and include many emminant practitioners, both veterinary and non-vet.

International Association of Equine Dentistry: this is professional organisation containing many leading equine dental authorities whith membership throughout the world including veterinary and non veterinary practitioners. They hold annual seminars, training sessions, lecture based learning sessions and their own internal certification and practitioner assesemant programmes  at various venues worldwide.

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