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My horse history

I've been around and involved with horses for as long as I care to remember. I got my first pony Smokey (yes...you guessed it...a grey) at the age of eight and ever since, horses have held a love and fascination for me.  Shortly after leaving school I joined the Army and worked with the horses of the Household Cavalry and the Royal Horse Artillery. After leaving the Army I obtained  BSc Hons in Equine Science and owned and competed horses in varying equine disiplines including Polo and (whilst in the USA) Rodeo. In 1999 I decided to make horses a career and sparked off a burning passion for equine dentistry. After much trying, and searching,and frustration to obtain any worthwhile comprehensive training over here in the UK, I headed off to IdahoUSA to "fuel my fire".

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Turning Point

The visit to the Worldwide Academy of EqineDentistry in Idaho was a huge turning point in my life. I suddenly realised what and who I wanted to be. For the next two years I practically lived in the USA. I was able to return to the academy several times and eventually managed to certify and become an Instructor and lecturer there. I travelled the western states, working on ranches, carrying out dental treatments on a variety of horses and competing in small town rodeo. During this time I was offered a chance to help out on a wild horse (mustang) adoption programme. I was so awstruck by the ease and skill involved in the way these horses were handled and trained. I made it my mission to improve my horsemanship skills and worked with and attended clinics by some of the country's most respected "natural horsemansip" trainers and clinicians. The knowledge I gained from these people was invaluable and helped me to work with horses now in a way that i will always be greatful for. I now,thankfully,have a reputation for being able to treat horses that have previously had trouble coping with dental treatments or may have had to have been sedated (adding cost to the owner)or restrained in other unpleasant ways (furthering their fear and distrust in people). I can also offer advice and assistance on a multitude of handling "problems" such as headshyness, loading / leading, foot handling, cliping, spooking, fear of objects / situations, etc, etc,.....and to show people that their so called "problem horses" are simply just one half of a "relationship problem".

Equine Dentistry to me is not merely away of earning a living. It is my passion and I believe that every horse, pony and donkey everywhere, has the right to receive thorough and proper dental care, weather it be a pet minature, a family pony or an olympic competing mount. With me, they each receive the same standard of care regardless of stature in their owners perception.

I have one the most comprehensive collections of equine dental Instruments and all are of the highest quality. In my day to day practice, I use both hand and power operated instruments to facilitate thorough treatment. I have specialised in many particular areas of the science of Equine Dentistry and trained with many of the worlds leading pioneers of several inovative and leading equine dental treatment therapies, thereby enabling me to carry out a full and thorough range of treatments from routine floating ("rasping") right through to major advanced proceedures including full bite re-alignment....peridontal treatment, restorative and remedial treatments including ALL level two proceedures.    

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