In addition to Equine dentistry I can offer help with certain horse handling problems


During visits to clients who require my dental services, I often encounter owners who have problems with certain aspects of horse handling, e.g. loading, leading, headshyness, foot handling, barging, pulling, etc, etc. I have studied and trained in various "Natural Horsemanship" techniques and methodology over the years and am able to offer assistance and advice on a host of related issues.

I can help with issues such as :

  • Leading
  • Loading (trailer or wagon)...(most loading issues stem from leading problems)
  • handling any area of the horse...including clipping, feet handling etc 
  • tacking up or use of other equipment
  • ground manners...barging, pushing, personal space invasion etc,
  • Mounting
  • Napping
  • Rearing
  • Bucking 

During my time in the USA I worked with and attended clinics by many of the renowned trainers and clinicians who practice "Natural horsemanship". These include "colt starting" (backing and first saddling) and problem solving clinics. Rather than sticking fully to the methodology of one particular individual, I amalgamate the techniques taught me by many different horsemen and my knowledge and techniques are not limited to the ways of any one individual. I use these methods in my everyday work with horses and am very grateful to many people for what I have learned.

There are many different ways to overcome any particular problem and every horse is an individual and the circumstances surrounding the problem vary greatly. There is no one particular method which works for every horse.....although it is true to say that there are many individual "problems" which can be solved by employing one particular principle of horsemanship...or cumuncation tecnique.  Each owners circumstances are different and each owners knowledge, skill and commitment levels are also varied.

I may be able to help you with a particular problem in the short time available on a dental visit or it may require more time and commitment and further visits. This is particularly so with loading, clipping and some foot handling issues. I can show you the principles and the methods and how and when to employ them....but I will also show you how to use them in future with any similar encounters or problems.

The vast majority of "problems" encountered under saddle by riders are simply issues of missunderstanding by the horse. The horse is NEVER wrong. Riding issues are always rooted in groundwork shortfalls. Effective communication and relationship building has its essential foundations in working with the horse on the ground on a one to one basis. 

Please feel free to enquire about anything you think I may be able to help you with. If I cant help you completely, I will be able to point you in the right direction to someone who can, or show you where and how to obtain more information, equipment etc, etc.


Bits and bitting

As an Equine Dental Technician I am able to evaluate your  horses mouth better than anyone and advise what type of bit will suit him / her most.

Regardless of what you wish to do with your horse, or wish it to do for you, If a particulat bit is unsuitable, it is unfair to use it. The shape of your horses mouth, certain dental problems, the hieght and contour of his palate, size and shape of his tongue, damage to the bars of the mouth, and a whole host of other anomalies must be taken into consideration choosing a bit. 

One of the big secrets to bitting is allowing the tongue to perform its anatomical functions as un-restricted as possible. There is no "off the peg bit" which will suit all horses. Some snaffle bits are very restrictive and painfully uncomfortable to horses with certain type and shape of tongue.  

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